build model railway succeeded

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build model railway succeeded

To build a railway system.

Basics about Märklin railways

Marklin trains can be driven with modern digital technology and each system can be extended. The gauges where railways are offered by Märklin are HO, Track 1 and Track Z.

  • HO is the most famous track size, it corresponds to the scale of 1 to 72. In this size, there are not only many tracks and rolling stock, but also a lot of accessories, such as people, animals, houses, cars and everything with which such a rail system realistically can be designed. However, here is a simple oval has a height of 1.10 m to 0.80 m. A larger detailed system takes very little space in an apartment.
  • The track 1 has a scale of 1 to 32 and is suitable in size for garden paths.
  • Z scale is 1 to 1 to 220 is tiny and many are the locomotives and accessories perfectly safe about to filigree. Remember, however, that a simple oval only 40 cm to 26 cm is large and on a surface on which a model railway in HO could go in circles, a detailed system in Z may be possible. Tracks, rolling stock and accessories can be found abundantly in Z.

Planning your car system

  1. Insert according to the selected track size and the space you can use for the railroad, the dimensions of the base plate firmly.
  2. Draw on this disk the course of the track. Consider, for possible crossing points if you want to link the tracks with turnouts or whether the tracks should intersect at various levels.
  3. In the background, you can schedule a slope and build a mountain there. The slope should be as low as 3%, with a record length of 1 m are only 3 cm! Should it go higher up, you must create a track spiral.
  4. Now place the tracks on the disc and mark the course, even where cables have to be laid under the plate to light, for example, houses or roads. Remove the tracks and drill all the necessary holes.

Build the model railway

  1. Place the base plate on 2 bucks, so you can work even under the plate.
  2. Now create the site according to your preferences. There are scattered material, houses, Geländebaumatten and much more. Create First only the terrain, which lies under the tracks or on the same level. Mountains, which tower above the railway tracks, you can visit the model railway invest only when the tracks are.
  3. Now lay the tracks. Build the possibility ramps and other auxiliary structures to convey the tracks, the safe way.
  4. Now connect the cable to the rails to set a train on the system and make a trial run with your model railway.
  5. If difficulties arise anywhere or pinched, you must correct the tracks again, otherwise you can proceed with further decoration and thereby connect the lamps. Make always a trial run, so you are sure that nothing protrudes into the path of your model railway.

Lots of interesting information is also available at Marklin.

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