build solar cooker with satellite dish - how it works

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build solar cooker with satellite dish - how it works

The Bowl before the conversion. brit_berlin / Pixelio

Advantages of the solar cooker

  • The solar cooker is actually suitable for warmer areas where frequent and extensive sunshine. In Germany, the use of a solar cooker is little more than a gimmick, but a lot can be learned when tinkering of the digester.
  • If you use a satellite dish for the construction of solar cookers, solar energy is directed optimally in your saucepan. In this way you can even here in Germany preparing food with green energy. However, you will need some patience and have to adapt to the relatively low sunshine your recipes. A pot roast is unlikely to succeed in German sun.
  • In solar cooker only the pot itself is hot, therefore the device is also safe when children are near. But should children with the solar cooker but did not play because of the pot actually reaches very high temperatures.

remodel the satellite dish

  1. The satellite dish has the optimum shape to collect incident radiation at one point. In order to capture sunlight, you need the satellite dish reflect away first. You can use either aluminum foil, the glue in the bowl or a reflective coating. The smoother and reflective the surface is, the better your solar cooker.
  2. If your pan is outside mirror or white, paint it with oven paint to black. Good also be useful old enamel pots, as long as the surface is dark.
  3. Align the satellite dish to the sun and remember the approximate angle. The pot should hang horizontally in this position.
  4. Mount the pot on the holding arm for the satellite receiver. This is oriented so that it lies at the focal point of the bowl. Reinforce this bracket with some wire so that the pot remains stable at one point.
  5. You can use your solar cooker now.
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