build solar shower itself - how it works

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build solar shower itself - how it works

you can solar showers build itself.

The water canister for the solar shower

A simple solar shower is relatively easy to build itself basically. If you go about it carefully, you do not need any special skills, only a little time and motivation, and of course the necessary materials for it.

  • In order to heat the water for showering, used in the presented solar shower can build yourself a large water containers, which should also have a 3/4 "connector for a garden hose next to an opening for filling.
  • Note in the selection of the canister for the solar shower, that although the shower experience is the longer, the greater the canister is that on the other hand then takes longer, until the water has completely warmed. At least 25 liters should be but even so the water is sufficient for a refreshing shower.
  • Thus better heats the water in the canister, it is best to use a black canister for solar shower or otherwise this himself or paint spraying with black paint.

To build the garden shower with solar function itself

  1. Through the opening in the water can a garden hose is first performed, which is connected to an outside faucet.
  2. It is expedient to grow and waterproof canister on the garden hose using a dust cap. So you can always turn on the tap for filling the solar shower itself without equal jumps the hose from the canister.
  3. Ask the prepared water canister best on the roof of a shed or in another suitable increase, so that the water will be well heated by the sun and can flow to use the solar shower just downwards.
  4. Then attach to the 3/4 "port a corresponding garden hose at the other end a simple garden shower or even a spray gun is connected, you need to set up below the canister in the garden.

Out of sight, you can easily stretch a few straw mats around the garden shower. Especially nice is to build the garden shower between a few small trees, which you then can use the same to attach the mats.

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