build stove itself

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build stove itself

Tiles are available in many variations.

build fireplace itself - comfort by furnace heat

Building a fireplace itself requires not only skill, but also the careful planning, in cooperation with the expert. By later use with fire and in the sense of fire safety of the chimney sweep must each oven before using slimming. So here are no problems, you should furnace technicians and inspectors also the stove build yourself beforehand attention. This saves labor, time and money in the end also because incorrect materials or constructions with subsequent alterations omitted.

Material purchase for the stove

The purchase of materials in the construction market must not be more favorable than the ordinarily skilled on DIY a tiled stove. The Ofenbauer know what materials your purposes are best suited and can give you according to your wishes calculate the amounts needed exactly. Mispurchases and surpluses can thus be avoided. Also know the Ofenbauer which aspects must consider your fireplace so that the chimney sweep is not denied later the decrease because of assembly errors.

Fireplace build your own stand

  • After detailed planning, you start with the lower ledge, which you trace lying on the floor. To obtain a supernatant, you should now have a parallel internal line trace, along which the base with AAC / Ytong brick.
  • Then attach the fireplace insert and can then begin to Walling. If the fireplace with one side against a wall, it must also obtain a facing wall, because normal housing walls may not withstand the heat. Also for this Brick veneer suitable aerated cement blocks, as these bring the optimum properties, especially heat resistance, for furnace construction.
  • The Walling You can very customize the viewing area by size Cutting aerated cement blocks fit through the use of aerated concrete.
  • To ensure that everything fits, you should keep to the instructions supplied by the furnace manufacturer at work always monitored. Particular attention should thereby also place on the connection to the chimney.
  • If the fireplace finished brick and dried, is applied on a plaster cloth plaster, you can tile after drying again necessary.
  • Before the first ignition of the chimney sweep must now be ordered, so that he can pick up the oven. Only after the fire must be put into operation.
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