build sundials itself - so succeeds's

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build sundials itself - so succeeds's

Example of a sundial made of stone.

To build sundials yourself

Sundials indicate the time by the pointer is illuminated by the sun and casts a shadow on the dial. Because the earth rotates around the sun, thus changing the position of the sun, the time displayed on the dial changes. Thus the time is some accuracy in sundials, the pointer must be aligned parallel to the axis of the earth.

  1. To build sundials, you first need a pointer and a plate for the dial. However, what these two elements are, your personal taste is reserved. If you want a decorative sundial in the garden, a flagstone suitable as dial and a brass rod as pointers. For a simple variant, which displays the approximate time, but also a piece of cardboard is sufficient.
  2. In sundials is the dial of great importance, because it not only displays the time, but must be adapted to the position of the sun. This means that the latitude and longitude of your location are required for the dial. This information you can easily refer to a map or the Internet if you google your site and read the Wikipedia entry - there are for example, but the coordinates of your location.
  3. To draw the dial of sundials, you first need a north-south line and an east-west line. Draw this on the ground, to use as a clock face. Note that these two lines cross in the middle at a right angle, and always must be straight. Now calculate the reference line. This results from the longitude minus 15 °, because the sun per hour progresses by 15 °. Now draw a reference line with the corresponding offset. If the location, for example at 7 ° east longitude, then the offset is 8 °. Draw the reference line at an angle of 8 ° to the east-west line. The reference line also represents the 6 and 18 o'clock line.
  4. Now draw a line the remaining hours on the basis of the reference line. Where angles other hour lines are drawn, you can read in the following table. Label the hour lines then.
  5. To complete the sundial, you now need a link. For this you can take a piece of cardboard in the form of a triangle and set it on the long side. The pointer must be placed on the north-south line at an angle equal to the latitude. Now set the sundial with the compass north out and you can see the approximate time, as with the earlier sundials.
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