build through basketball muscles - so you train effectively

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build through basketball muscles - so you train effectively

Basketball training is ideal to activate all the muscles.

Force structure in basketball training

In basketball game next endurance and speed and sufficient muscle is required. To jump ideal and to throw litters targeted in the basket, it is important to the muscles that are required for it to also strong.

  • In training you can very well the arm and trunk muscles workout with a medicine ball. This is significantly heavier than the basketball and can very well be used for the warm-up program to practice, for example, for two simple throws. Handed or ambidextrous, from below or above the head, so can the arm strength and throwing motion train very well. All muscles are activated, but you should be careful because the risk of injury is a little higher than the usual basketball.
  • For the jump training, it is important that the leg muscles work well. Here is used eg a strength building through weights or other aids.

Muscles on the legs

  • In training you may very well train the explosive power and the muscles of the legs. To warm up games are like running to the center lines of the field - tap there with your fingers on the line, running back backwards and repeat at least 5 times.
  • For the bounce it works well if you practice jumps and to use soft floor mats that make it difficult jumping and thus provoke very strong muscles on the legs.
  • Also jumping rope on the soft floor mat can be a good workout and can be ideally incorporated into a circuit training.

Who needs more training for the legs, can use ankle weights, the more strongly urge the muscles in your legs.

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