build trellises himself

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build trellises himself

Making Decorative trellises of bamboo itself.

build trellises made of natural materials cost itself

If you have a creeping gourd places such. As plants in spring the door Kent Urban to a garden fence, this serves as a climbing aid. Already existing garden fences You can also permanently greening with ivy or only over the summer season with colorful and fast growing nasturtium.

  • Very nice and extraordinary trellises are old, weathered and rotting wooden ladders. You can set up in a corner of the garden, and z. B. red blooming Feuerbohnen provide support to decorative art.
  • For making bamboo trellises be suitable. The bars offered quite cheaply in different strengths in hardware stores and garden centers. The advantage is that they are only very slowly weather outdoors, and can be used so many years.
  • Trellises should have a high stability. With cable ties made of plastic you can connect bamboo and other woods safely. Visually, you can upgrade your climbing aid when you knot on the cable tie something natural bast, so that the plastic is no longer visible.
  • When pruning in autumn, large quantities of waste to. Of this you can already verplanen a part of the wood as trellises for next spring when cutting. The pruning of acacia provides z. B. pea plants the necessary hold.
  • A little decorative plastic rain barrel, you can transform into a climbing aid for ivy or wisteria. Given bind with a durable cord or a rope a few wooden sticks to the barrel firmly and plant ivy or sow Glyziniensamen around it. Since this type of climbing aid is permanent, it must be ensured that drain the rainwater tank in winter and can be protected by a suitable cover from rain and snow water.
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