build wind power plant itself - how it works

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build wind power plant itself - how it works

Turbine secures the power needs of a household. Thorben Wengert / Pixelio

Wind power is an energy that appears inexhaustible in nature. With a wind turbine can generate free electricity from wind. The wind power thus obtained can be used in different ways.

build wind turbine itself - kit or self-construction

  • Once you have decided on the installation of a wind turbine, you can choose from two options. Buy a factory finished wind turbine at a specialized online retailer or in a regional electronics store. Affordable you get a wind turbine kit that you assemble yourself.
  • Use factory-assembled wind turbines, you can rely on the expertise contained therein. Even small wind turbines provide a respectable power output when sufficient wind speeds.
  • While you can buy wind turbines in the majority in a horizontal orientation, offers a vertically mounted wind turbine has the advantage that it is always aligned optimally to the wind.
  • Do you have enough knowledge in the field of electrical engineering and technical skills required to build up a wind turbine itself. For this you need plans and corresponding components.
  • Plans you can customize yourself or search the Internet. Individual components differ in wind turbines of which the solar power systems. You need including a special wind power generator and special control technology.
  • In order to produce a wind turbine in-house production, you need as essential components Windradflügel, a rotor and a generator. When you wind now supplies the wind turbine power. What is the current efficiency depends on the wind and your design.
  • To use wind power, you need more control engineering, consumer and / or storage.

Wind turbines and important components

  • Are you in possession of an operational wind turbine (in-house production or finished product) they require additional components depending on the type of power consumption.
  • This depends on whether you consume the electricity generated in your household or wish to make on the basis of a contract with an electricity company to a public power grid ,.
  • For a power supply in your home or garden, you need a latch in the form of special batteries for solar / wind power. The use of car batteries is not recommended. For controlling the voltage you buy a solar power controller for wind power.
  • If you have not completely changed your budget on 12- or 24-volt power and operate 230 volt appliances, a voltage converter / inverter is required. This device converts the direct current generated by the wind turbine into alternating current.
  • Deliver your wind power directly to an energy company, you will need appropriate power injector, which is usually mounted adjacent the normal electricity meters.

To build a wind turbine itself, is relatively straightforward when resorting to factory-assembled components. As the components form a deployable and secure system that can be found online or ask an electrician.

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