build wine racks made of old bottles themselves

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build wine racks made of old bottles themselves

Build from wine bottles a shelf.

Many are looking for an alternative to the conventional, commercially available wine racks. One option is to self-build wine racks. If they are still made from old wine bottles, that is additionally a wonderful eye-catcher.

Wine racks once prepared differently

You need for your wine racks 3 boards, which are already pre-treated, with the dimensions 12 x 65 x 2 cm. Furthermore, you should get older 1-liter bottles of wine, namely 21 pieces. This is because they have a tapered bottle neck, which is important for assembly.

  1. In your boards drilling right and left each with 2 holes for the screws. Measure the shelf like that can be mounted 7 wine bottles. Now you mill from the first hole. This must be so great that the bottle neck of the wine bottle barely fit through.
  2. When this is done, plug in a wine bottle and place the next, so you can mark the location for the next hole. Now you mill from the next hole. The holes you must then sink slightly.
  3. To proceed further until you can create a series of 7 wine bottles. Before then do this, you have to mark the holes for mounting on the wall.
  4. Drill now the four holes required and bring there your dowels.
  5. Now place the bottle with the bottle neck as far as it goes, into the holes that you have previously provided with superglue.
  6. To obtain additional security, bring after the whole is dried well at each bottleneck still a strong rubber in order to prevent a possible slipping back.
  7. For wall mounting you will need screws that are long enough that you can screw the shelf so now until the bottle necks abut the wall. Working here extra careful and do not exert any pressure. And the bottle necks lie against the wall, the assembly is completed.
  8. To create three such wine racks that mount either with one another or offset. Now you can insert in each of these shelves 6 bottles of wine.
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