Building a traffic light - how it works

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Building a traffic light - how it works

Building a traffic light electronics itself

The function of the traffic light

This traffic light consists of an integrated circuit and some additional discrete components.

  • In the integrated circuit is a counter block. This is a so-called astable multivibrator, which acts as clock driven.
  • At each clock counts the integrated circuit one step further. This different outputs at the output of the circuit can be controlled.
  • By the diodes at the output of the integrated circuit and the subsequent transistors, the outputs of the traffic lights are controlled.
  • This lights the lamps at the output so on, that they represent the typical luminous sequence of a traffic light.
  • With the potentiometer (pot) in this circuit can be the time for a complete cycle of the individual traffic light phases vary.

To build the circuit according to the diagram on

To build, you can use a small breadboard. best for the integrated circuit using a corresponding IC socket.

  1. Begin by first using the IC socket in the breadboard and solder these. Do this, place the base on the best in the middle of the board. but not Put the integrated circuit in the socket.
  2. Then place the other electronic components also in the board and solder them also. You should always be always on the polarity of the components.
  3. Now connect the components according to the diagram together. For this you can use simple connection wire or solder bridges of solder.
  4. If you have built the circuit so far, you can use the end, the integrated circuit in the socket. However, please also here to the correct installation position.
  5. The pot set before commissioning the traffic lights to the middle position.
  6. Now connect the board to a suitable power supply. If you have set up everything correctly, the traffic lights should work now.
  7. With the potentiometer you can adjust the time for a complete run your wishes.
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