Bullying by the boss - what to do?

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Bullying by the boss - what to do?

In Job's not all sunshine.

Bullying is not harmless

  • What does any bullying? While there are always definitions on the Internet, however, the Federal Labour Court is crucial.
  • Bullying is bullying, or a systematic anfeinden or discriminating workers either among themselves, or from the boss himself.
  • The attacks can take many forms, for example, a derogatory treatment, or derogatory remarks, imitating or aping of behaviors, clear exclusion, even aggressive behavior, senseless execution of any work, petty opinions of work results, to downright hostile, offensive psychological terror.
  • The Bullied to be tenderized and until the person gives up his job. As if that's not enough, it is only really bad when come the hostility from the boss himself. Thus violating clearly against the duty of care. You as an employee who then also no longer be able to complain to the boss.

Proceed against harassment by the boss

  • Of course, it is difficult to take action against. This does not mean that it does not work. You need self-confidence and courage to demand redress against bullying by the boss.
  • If you leave the courage helps psychological counseling to spice up once the self-esteem. Votes can also be a psychotherapy. It is important that you do not let it get from the boss.
  • If you have the opportunity to go to the staff or council, do it. You can also ask for help or assistance.
  • In general, the complaints against the boss does not help sooner if he bullies. Find yourself a good lawyer. If you have a legal expenses insurance, it is the better. If not, seek advice at least. Unfortunately, you must prove that you are bullied.
  • Be the workers should list everything meticulously and possibly record on tape what you re driving and has happened to. Gather as much evidence as you possibly can.
  • Visit therefore necessarily talking to your boss and take it with a tape recorder, the hide of course. Do not be afraid, your boss is not afraid, too, you harass. Apart from this bullying by the boss employment contract a catastrophe that is unacceptable. Speak your head quietly on the bullying.
  • Always remain calm in conversations and give only factual information on. Enter your boss no evidence of loss of power or the like.
  • The more information you have, and, are the greater for a period of six to twelve months your chances in the labor court.
  • If you are not sure if this is indeed to bullying by the boss, there are counseling centers, which specialize in bullying cases.
  • When someone bullies, and just the boss, he has, among other things for fear of losing his authority, that is, he himself has a reduced self-confidence and also want to hide his weaknesses.
  • Bullying is still very complicated and some of it is too soon to constitute psychological harassment. Seek advice and go on your ways to combat bullying by the boss before. Above all, you should not see themselves as victims. They are then more vulnerable. Show that you see through everything, and be nothing like.
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