Bundeswehr and Civil Service - start a civilian career

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Bundeswehr and Civil Service - start a civilian career

In the Bundeswehr you can have both as a soldier and civilian career. Alexandra_Bucurescu / Pixelio

The Bundeswehr as a public service

The Bundeswehr is one of the largest employers in Germany. If you want to track not only in the military a career, but also work in civilian jobs. For this, you are open to different possibilities.

  • The employment in the army can be classified as public service, since the collective agreements for employees have been equalized. Also, a civil servant may be referred to as Civil Service, because here the contracts for the allowances were adjusted to the public service.
  • A compensation in the army in a civilian profession is then performed according to the collective agreement Public Services, also abbreviated TV OD. This applies both to civil servants and employees in the employment relationship.
  • In the Bundeswehr, it is crucial that education or work experience you have already, to endeavor to ensure appropriate career can. You have the options, depending on the level of education, to choose between medium service, upscale service and higher service.
  • For a job in this service ratios appropriate qualifications are required. So you need a high-school diploma or completed vocational training for the middle grade. The grade in the Intermediate Service complies with the remuneration levels 5 to 8 in the collective agreement Public Service.
  • The upscale service requires a college or a bachelor's degree. The grade in this official level corresponds to the collective agreement Public service on the grades 9 to 12th
  • The highest official level in the army is the higher service and this can be reached generally by a university degree such as a master's degree. The grade corresponds to the collective agreement Public service on the steps 13 to 15Ü.

To start a career in the army as a Public Service

To begin a civilian career in the army, you need to follow a specific application process.

  1. Send a letter of application to the appropriate application address for your career aspirations. The application addresses available on the Internet on the website of the Bundeswehr. The application should include in addition to a complete application and write the appropriate proof of your qualifications and a CV.
  2. Alternatively, you can fill out an online application in the army. Follow the instructions that are given to you in the appropriate input box, and submit all necessary documents to the appropriate address.
  3. After your application is successful, you are usually invited to an aptitude test. This checks the suitability of your qualifications and personal suitability for employment in the army. An example of this is the regular lessons and preparing a lesson for applicants who want to be teachers in the army.
  4. It also carried out a health aptitude by an official medical examination. Following this usually takes place a job interview.

With this general overview of the activities in the army as a public service, you can get an idea of ​​what would eventually come to you in a possible application.

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