Bundeswehr yes or no? - To make the right decision for your future

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Bundeswehr yes or no?  - To make the right decision for your future

You want to Bundeswehr? To make the right decision for your future.

A professional in the army can change your life forever. Weigh the pros and cons for themselves from you to make the right decision for your future.

Advantages in the Bundeswehr

  • You have a secure job in the army. As you undertake for most several years (except, of course, the normal military service) or very professional soldier be, your future is virtually assured.
  • Good career opportunities are guaranteed. With a lot of hard work, you can easily and quickly make a career and build your personal recognition.
  • The Bundeswehr offers many training opportunities that you can use for later possibly civilian career. For example, is being adopted in a truck driver's license of the Bundeswehr.
  • You have an official status, can you come in many ways benefit.
  • The good pay is of course beneficial and safe govern your decision. You pay little tax and get as well as shares from the gas money for trips home refunded. Child support you pay the Bundeswehr again, assuming of course you have kids.
  • Fellowship is the federal government at the top. You will find many different people to meet and find new friends who will help you in many aspects of daily life.
  • A professional in the army can be very varied and rarely boring. To drive soldier eg vans throughout Europe, working in the workshop, have training courses and exercises in Germany or different international missions. However, this depends entirely thereafter, for which career you have chosen.
  • They learn discipline! For an advantage for the other rather disadvantage. But you from winning the something good. You need to learn to clean up your room, your uniform must always be neat and the boots have practically sparkle. But you must appear in person cared what actually is only an advantage.
  • Are you a sports fan, you can win a lot of credit here. Be sporty is very important in the army and is also actively promoted. Think it out to the shooters at the Olympics, coming almost all of the Bundeswehr.
  • Have you committed 12 years thereafter want to civilian working life back, you even entitled to a job with the city. But after 8 years you get special integration measures and subsidies. The Bundeswehr does not leave you alone in this and support you further.

Disadvantages in the army

  • Can not lucky and are home stationed close, make a sure that you are rarely home. You might get a single room or a room to share with several comrades.
  • Depending on the distance from your home, you are then at home on weekends. If you have exercises or training in the army, you are even longer away from home.
  • Furthermore, since some barracks are close, it will be stationed close to home even harder. Imagine a longer journeys and journeys home.
  • Do you have a girlfriend / wife or your own family home, this can be a burden. Imagine it were a on a long-distance relationship. Women and children could suffer and you will miss some of your family life.
  • Depending on the service or application you are also on birthdays or holidays like Christmas not in your family. Can you imagine that in your future?
  • Are you in the army, you also need to participate in foreign missions. Although these are well paid, but you can last 4-6 months.
  • Since you also armed service, you will probably use them sometimes. Can you agree with them, to hurt people or even kill them?
  • Are you physically and mentally resilient? You must run commands that rank higher will give you, even if you do not like. In foreign missions you will see things that you remember most her life.
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