Burn calories - with these exercises make it work

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Burn calories - with these exercises make it work

Sport burns calories.

To break down calories

To burn calories, you do not necessarily go to a gym. You can achieve great success without great equipment. The key to burning fat is in each case, the endurance sports, which should be operated at a low heart rate.

  • As direction for you to remember that it is more sensible, more and shorter, rather than less often and for longer to train. The body should get used to burn calories. If he knows the movement, come faster sweat and achievements make their appearance.
  • Drive for example, three times a week for one hour endurance sports. Here are, for example swimming, jogging, walking or cycling. The important thing is that it gives you pleasure. Depending on your taste, you can also alternate between the endurance sports, so it does not for your entertainment.

With these exercises, you burn fat

  • To get your metabolism revved up, you should first jump for ten minutes with the skipping rope. Subsequently, the major muscle groups, as their use most burns fat. This is around the back, legs and buttocks.
  • Work best with supersets. For that, you always run about fifteen repetitions in three sets. Between sets there is no break.
  • For the first exercise, you will be in the push-up position and push with your feet forward so that your torso forward is overweight. This sounds simple but is extremely demanding for the back and the rest of the fuselage.
  • This is followed by an exercise for the butt muscles. Go on all fours. Now lift one leg bent to the side high, stretch it out, pull it back and put it off. After superset of a page, you move to the other side. Your butt muscles will ache after the supersets and you burn many calories.
  • The next exercise takes your legs and butt. For that you include your shackles with the hands and perform squats in which your butt touches the ground by a hair. All these exercises sound simple, but are very sophisticated and effective.
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