Burning of garden waste - so is the legal situation in your own garden

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Burning of garden waste - so is the legal situation in your own garden

Where to put the plant cut back?

No nationwide permit for burning garden waste

The burning of solid materials in the garden is nationwide in principle prohibited - even if the fire will blaze on their own land. However, some federal states have enacted special rules which make it possible to start a fire with dry plant waste. But if, when and to what extent permitted burning garden waste, is not in the Civil Code. Here each province has its own rules. Nor, as a unified legislation for burning garden waste exists, there is no uniform regulation titled to special regulations. These can both be in the Abfallkompost- or combustion regulation and in the Pollution Control Act.

Who says if garden waste may be burned?

  • Provide information depending on the state, the waste management and environmental agencies, public waste management authorities, regulatory agencies or police authorities.
  • Authoritative answers to any derogations and regional characteristics can be obtained from the competent local authority.
  • Ignorance is no excuse! A violation or disregard for the incineration ban or fire safety rules is a legal offense, the penalties of the police and the Compliance Office may ensue.

10 tips for burning garden waste

  1. Does your state government or local government loosened the incineration ban on vegetable waste, do not randomly start a fire yet.
  2. Most of the provisions for burning garden waste (eg bylaws) is only a small wood fire under certain conditions (eg in solid hearth, a fire basket or patio fireplace), within specific periods (eg only twice a month) and at certain times (eg weekdays 8 to 18:00) allowed.
  3. Also which garden waste may be burned, is often clearly defined (eg only dry, cut wood). Then the burning of other garden waste (eg together raked leaves) is not permitted.
  4. Allows your local statutes or the state control the burning of garden waste, you are automatically bound to the typical requirements for fire prevention.
  5. Anyone planning a garden fire, should definitely beforehand inquire about the conditions and safety standards at the clerk's office or the fire department.
  6. Note are mainly defined in the Fire Protection Regulations minimum distances from flammable and combustible materials to public roads, forests and fields, and to neighbors.
  7. The neighbor must not be bothered by the smoke from the burning of garden waste. Where this happens and the neighbor is greatly impaired in the use of his land, he has, according to § 906 BGB the right to injunctive and can inhibit the garden fire.
  8. If the neighbor asks you in vain, to refrain from this disorder can even sue for his right to omission of a garden fire. In some states, however, before carrying out an arbitration procedure (contact the city administration or the district court).
  9. Is the burning of garden waste in your region strictly prohibited and you have no recycling of garden waste is nationwide the opportunity greens, leaves, etc. for regional competent recyclables collection point (eg the "recycling center") to bring and to dispose of them properly - often free.
  10. Note: From an ecological perspective, the burning of garden waste has long been classified as untimely. Dry leaves and shrubs, twigs and branches provide services such as nesting places for birds, winter protection for hedgehogs or weathered very well be used as a mulch or garden soil again in shredded form.
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