Business account without Schufa - About Your Account on a credit basis

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Business account without Schufa - About Your Account on a credit basis

Even business accounts offered on a prepaid basis. knipseline / Pixelio

Impact of credit and negative credit entries

In the business world, a checking account is indispensable. Without this account, the self-employed can not take part in the business life, for incoming and outgoing payments are carried out in most cases have a checking account. However, do not get any business owner without restrictions an account.

  • In the initial phase, it is for operators only because of bad credit but often difficult to get a regular checking account. Sufficient cash receipts can show only a few companies in the early stages of establishment.
  • Also the payment behavior of the past can lead to a rejection. Is there at the time of applying for business account a Schufa entry with a negative review, then you must often anticipate a refusal, because some banks will perform with applying for business account, a credit bureau inquiry.

Pros and cons of a business account on a credit basis

As an alternative to regular checking account you will offer with poor credit a current account on a credit basis, many credit institutions.

  • This account model it first is a regular checking account. You can use it for all incoming and outgoing payments use and so participate in the business.
  • However, you can make payments only in the context of the credit. The coating is not possible for these accounts. Therein lies may also be a decisive advantage, because with such an account, you can, at least on the current account, build no debt.
  • However, an account at a credit basis also has the disadvantage that even small or short-term overdrafts are not possible. This allows you to pay bills until the appropriate credit.
  • With defaults You can even fall into payment difficulties more quickly by the lack of credit line. Paid as a customer his account not, then you can not pay another bill in doubt.
  • With regular loads on direct debit transactions should ensure adequate coverage, otherwise the direct debit is rejected again by the bank.

However, many banks offer account holders with improving credit quality and current accounts with overdraft on, so this account model is used by many only in the time of the foundation.

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