buy and process mascarpone - it CONSIDERATIONS

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buy and process mascarpone - it CONSIDERATIONS

Mascarpone can be used in many ways.

Facts about the mascarpone

  • Mascarpone is a fresh cheese, which is mild and in the consistency fairly creamy taste.
  • The fresh cheese is cream added and with acetic acid, citric or tartaric acid, the cheese is gedickt.
  • Primarily found the product used in the preparation of sweet dishes, such as desserts or cakes. Furthermore, you can use the product as a substitute for cream.
  • But even in the savory kitchen will the cream cheese use. So you can use it as a foundation for delicious pasta dishes, sauces and also for casseroles.
  • The famous cheese is originally from Lombardy, a region in Italy. Meanwhile Mascarpone is produced not only in other parts of Italy, but also in other countries.

This needs when buying and storing observed

  • If you want to buy original Mascarpone from Italy, you have to keep their eyes open slightly. In Germany produced cheese contains the indication that this is a fresh cheese Italian style.
  • Keep the cheese always in the refrigerator at least 4-6 degrees. Furthermore, you should leave the product in its original packaging and seal, because the cheese takes quite quickly to other odors.
  • Since mascarpone spoils rather quickly, you should open it more than two days refrigerate.
  • Buyer should make sure that the packaging is not damaged. Even a small hole or a small tear may have to mean that the product is already spoiled.
  • Furthermore, you should note the expiry date when buying. If you choose not to process the cheese, he should still be preserved for several days.
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