buy and process sound - Advice for Beginners

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buy and process sound - Advice for Beginners

Working with clay is crafting fun for children and adults. S._Hofschlaeger / Pixelio

Considerations Before Buying

  • Pottering has for many millennia to human culture. Even today, many indigenous people of the processing of sound are dependent, because they use it to make containers for longer storage of their food on.
  • One can of clay thus quite finished practical objects themselves, but in Western culture outweighs the artificial aspect of private production.
  • Nevertheless, it is entirely up to you whether you finished plates and bowls from your gross mass, or making small animals for decoration.
  • However, you should decide this before purchasing, because there are different keys for different purposes.

The different types of clay

  • Sound different, especially because of his saddle Motta part. This is that portion in the pastes, which already consists of calcined particles.
  • Do you want to make pottery decorative items that have therefore nothing to fear of exposure in daily life, then you choose the best for earthenware clay. This is easy to work with because it is very fine. This comes about because it does not require fireclay. Disadvantage: Even after burning your product is still porous and gets only thanks to subsequent glaze a certain stability.
  • Should it be more stable from the outset, access stoneware clay. This is quite stable even without the glaze after firing. You can make pottery without worry vases or plates and to be sure that the material is completely sealed.
  • There are also mixed forms to buy, which are then referred to as special masses. Here varies primarily of fireclay share, which refers to the strength at the end, but also affects the severity of processing. As a beginner you should therefore engage more likely to be known keys.
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