Buy at Mallorca pearls - care should be taken to

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Buy at Mallorca pearls - care should be taken to

acquire Pearls in Majorca.

Before you realize with horror at home that it is counterfeit pearls, which you have acquired during a Mallorca holiday and have possibly even pay this much money, you had better know in advance what it is to be noted.

Buying real pearls on Mallorca

  • If you are looking for pearls in Mallorca, then you should definitely avoid or beach vendors hawkers. These provide mostly fakes, which are also still very overpriced.
  • At various beads is talk of so-called Majorcan imitation pearls, which differ externally from a real pearl shell pearl only a very limited extent or not at all. Since even this kind of beads requires a special manufacturing process and the type is often counterfeited, you should also consider this note.
  • It is in the Majorca-pearl to a simple glass bead, which is repeatedly immersed in a kind Perlmuttbrei consisting of fish scales or shell sand and, through the addition of colored minerals for colors.
  • The best-known companies are "Pearl Majórica" ​​and "Perlas Orquidea". Mallorca imitation pearls are just as resistant to sweat, makeup, toiletries, perfumes, etc., as real pearls. Genuine Majorcan imitation pearls are only available with certificate, so you should also consider the case your purchase.
  • The essential question is whether it is. In the beads, which want to buy in Mallorca to but are cultured pearls, natural pearls or imitations Pearls have also never one and the same shape (unevenness and small scratches or grooves can therefore be an indication of authenticity).
  • However, you should find out in advance exactly on various beads qualities because particularly high quality pearls, where you can see his reflection, can be identified among other only by a trained eye, as well as counterfeits often have this property.
  • Furthermore, also plays the size of the beads, which want to buy in Mallorca, an enormous role, which should also be considered. The so-called Akoya pearls have any size of 6-8 mm, with freshwater cultured Tahitian or South Sea pearls are rather more natural.
  • There is of course to buy some real jewels in Mallorca. Visit best jewelers or renowned jewelry stores. An overview is certainly useful.

Buy Mallorca pearls with a larger value, then you should not forget that to declare at customs and read the tariff import regulations if you embark on the return journey. This saves namely that of a supposed bargain is an expensive gift.

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