buy driftwood and use as firewood

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buy driftwood and use as firewood

referencing firewood is mostly hard work. Maret_Hosemann / Pixelio

Driftwood can be quite different

  • It is always a matter of time, which was the wood in water, which properties are still having as firewood. Who is looking for such fuel should not rely on the information provided by the dealer and watch the driftwood you.
  • Try to always buy massive driftwood. The quality of thin wood is often worse than that of really strong pieces. Then you should distinguish, where possible, according to the type of wood. A soft wood, such as poplar or linden, rots relatively quickly in water and gives a satisfactory heating more.

Buy the price by agreement

  • In advertisements almost always is also equal to the price per cubic meter of driftwood. Let yourself, whenever possible, not on such a business one. Have you made an assessment of the offered timber, beat the seller before a price that is slightly higher in your opinion below market value of the goods. Then you can negotiate a compromise with the dealer to which you then buy.
  • Ensure which water content driftwood didnt. If there is very wet, so water leaks when you hit with a hard object on it, you are pushing for a discount. Such wet wood requires an increased outlay on storage capacity (up to 4 years) and to use of force because of the weight.

Store Driftwood long enough

  • Provide a storage bin in an open area. The best dry wood, when the stack is not wider than 2 m and the air has around unhindered access. A cover is indeed advisable, but not mandatory.
  • The manufacturer of fireplaces or wood stoves recommend a residual moisture content of not more than 15% when the timber reaches the combustion. With an electronic sensing device allows you to measure the residual moisture. Basically, the drier the wood, the greater the heat yield.
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