Buy mimosa and sow - so you manage the breeding

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Buy mimosa and sow - so you manage the breeding

The leaves of mimosa offer an interesting spectacle.

"Sensitive as a mimosa", surely you have this saying ever heard. The mimosa is actually called Mimosa pudica. Mimosa comes from "mimic", because the plant moved their leaves. Pudica is Latin and means "shy". Touch the leaves of the mimosa, she folds them together, as if the plant shy.

buy mimosa, is not without problems

  • There are not many dealers where you can buy mimosa. The reason for this is of course that the mimosa at the slightest touch fold their leaves together. This makes transportation without the sheets continuously open and close, impossible. The frequent movement of the leaves is quite a feat for the plant.
  • However, if you absolutely want to purchase an already grown plant, you can search for them online. You may have this success.

Successful sow and breed mimosa seeds

When looking for a mimosa plant had no success in finding, you can breed them from purchased from dealer seeds. For this spring is the best season.

  1. The best success in cultivation you have when you leave pre-soak the mimosa seeds. Place them on a flat dish and pour the seeds with hot water. Overnight swell the seeds and can be sown.
  2. Use best potting soil. This is very crumbly and enables rapid germination. Place the swollen seed on the substrate, press it slightly, and cover them with a very thin layer of soil.
  3. Alternatively, you can let the seeds germinate uncovered. To do so, best to use a special growing medium made of coconut fiber. The pre-soaked seeds are germinated only placed on the specific substrate and not additionally covered with soil. Since it may be essential implemented after germination and the formation of the first roots in fine crumbly earth, here the hair fine capillaries may be injured, what the chances of success diminish.
  4. Keep the seeds sown, but the seedlings, whenever possible damp. However, you should not drown them. Best for gentle moistening the soil is suitable a spray bottle.

The claims of the mimosa

  • Mimosa like it bright, but not sunny. This applies especially to young plants.
  • Thrives best the mimosa at room temperature; it is very sensitive to frost, so it is not suitable in the local latitudes for the garden. Drafts or repeated impacts her harm in the long run, because it is characterized already excited, fold the sheets.
  • Whether seedling or young plant mature plant: The earth of mimosa should always possible slightly moist, but not kept wet.
  • Seedlings and young plants do not tolerate fertilizer. Do you want to fertilize the larger plant, you should choose a nutrient for plants and reduce the recommended amount by half.

The normal size of adult Mimosa is about half a meter. With very good care they can, however, take much greater proportions.

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