Buy tapioca pearls - how it works

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Buy tapioca pearls - how it works

With tapioca pearls you can prepare great drinks.

Who has not noticed: Everywhere make new business on selling bubble tea with tapioca pearls, preferably in shopping malls. But also for the delicious dessert beads can be used, as they are quite tasteless, they may, for. Example, be flavored with syrup. Unfortunately tapioca pearls can not yet buy in any supermarket.

So you can buy tapioca pearls in your city

  1. Ask first but once at your health food store or health food store to. These have traditionally been many alternative produce from abroad.
  2. Even the Asia-Laden is a very good point, because z. B. in Japan tapioca is much used.
  3. In large supermarkets, you can also try your luck, then look at the best by the Department of specialties from the Far East.
  4. As a last resort you ask but once in a bubble tea shop after, perhaps it leaves you indeed some tapioca pearls.

To order the tapioca pearls on the Internet

  1. Try it first but once on Amazon by searching for the words "tapioca" and "beads". There is to find more products.
  2. Also a search on Google can be successful. You may also find providers who predominantly take orders from the catering. But if you buy larger quantities, you can be successful here.
  3. At the company's brother you can also find more ingredients for bubble tea, also in organic quality.

Now therefore know where you can get tapioca pearls and nothing stands in the way to address this new trend-drink bubble tea.

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