Bypass proxy - so turn the country lock out

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Bypass proxy - so turn the country lock out

Bypass the country code.

Sometimes it happens that you will be, for example, from Germany to a server in the Netherlands or other neighboring countries. This may lead to errors on sites that recognize through the proxy, which country you come from. To appear websites not in German, but in Dutch or be content not displayed because they are not approved for the country. To circumvent these countries banned, the use of add-ons, which is available for Firefox is recommended.

Dealing with add-on lock countries

  1. The easiest way to bypass the proxy and the associated problems, is to install an add-on, as it is available, for example, for Firefox.
  2. With this add-on another proxy is generated and thus possibly bypass existing barriers countries. To install this, open the browser and select "Tools" from the "Add-ons".
  3. Search for "proxy". Select from the search results a provider, such as "proxy lists" and click on "Install". To find out more about the provider, you can first find on the website indicated on the program.
  4. If the extension is installed, a button next to the address bar, via which you open the program appears. To use a different proxy, select a specified from the list and click this to.

Meaning of Proxy

  1. Using proxies can be tracked, from where you can view web pages. Are certain content for countries locked so they are not displayed. But even sites that using the country recognition show that language, to use this proxy.
  2. To surf the Internet anonymously, you can transmit the data handle by using a different proxy. Then, although the data will still be submitted, but they are no longer to bring with you.
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