Cabinet embellish - ideas for reshaping with wallpaper

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Cabinet embellish - ideas for reshaping with wallpaper

A cabinet, you can spice.

Due to the variety of wallpaper, it is now quite possible to find a beautiful wallpaper that also corresponds to the furniture itself. Of course you should, however, note some make it, if you want to beautify your wardrobe, get a perfect result from this work. The following is a list of how you should proceed.

A cabinet embellish - Preparations

  • Before you decorate a closet, may be aware of some if a wallpaper is to be used.
  • In your closet there should be a who virtually has no such embellishments or bulges.
  • If wallpaper is used, would the optically very negative effect and it would be no embellishment, but a blight.
  • It should be a smooth piece of furniture, it also facilitates the work.
  • If the cabinet color is provided, this should be removed with a stripper.
  • In clear varnish or wood stain is sufficient to grind the cabinet with an orbital sander and sandpaper.
  • Doors and drawers should expand and work separately.

The cabinet with wallpaper provided - the steps

  1. First you need to remove the entire hardware from the cabinet.
  2. After the cabinet is stripped or sanded, you must set him free from dust.
  3. Now stir paste according to instructions.
  4. Insert now the wallpaper cope. You probably use a wallpaper without approach, otherwise the work would be very complicated and by the then big pattern you would not just embellish the cabinet.
  5. Measure the space and cut the wallpaper cope.
  6. Now Enter paste the wallpaper pieces, put them together again, and the wallpaper may soak something. Do not take too many pieces, so you can leave when wallpapering time.
  7. Pasting Now the surfaces, the doors and drawers. You should also advance with a little paste, since wood is very absorbent.
  8. So that your closet is subsequently resist washable, you must then the land still provided with a clear coat. With vinyl wallpaper, the paint does not apply because they are washed off in any case.
  9. When this is dry, lower your hardware again and fit the doors and drawers back to your closet.
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