Cable TV - Connect plug correctly

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Cable TV - Connect plug correctly

F-connector can also be connected by a layman.

Preparations on the television cable

Even as a layman you can connect a plug properly on the TV cable. You must not even be sent craftsmanship. Suffice a kitchen knife or a wire stripper and your two hands.

  1. First, take the cable TV and the Stripper and remove the top of the cable about 1.5 cm of the cable sheath.
  2. You will see the outer wire screen you along gently turn into a strand. Gently remove the underlying foil shield. The twisted strand gently twist upwards.
  3. Depending on how much shielding layers are present, repeat the process until you come to the last slide on the white layer that overlies the inner conductor. This film, turn to the already twisted wire screen, the set now back down.
  4. Now remove 1.2 cm of the white layer to expose the inner conductor.

Connect the connector correctly

  1. After you have prepared the TV cable, you can connect the plug on the cable correctly.
  2. Insert or wrap the twisted wire shield to the remaining piece of dielectric (white layer on the cable).
  3. Then you can turn on the F-connector onto the cable. Proceed cautiously. Hasty, careless movements can damage the inner conductor and the wire screen and thus nullify all your work.
  4. As a final step, you shorten the projecting inner conductor so that it is only 2 mm over the edge connector.

You have your F connectors successfully connected to the cable and can now use it.

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