Caffè Latte with milk ornate above - Preparation Instructions

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Caffè Latte with milk ornate above - Preparation Instructions

Italian coffee is always a pleasure.

As Caffè Latte is called in Italy the latte. It has now become a cult drink with us. If you take it exactly as the Caffè Latte has no ornate milk foam on top. This would indeed be the latte macchiato. Nevertheless, it just looks more appetizing and enticing when this Italian latte on the foam still has a decoration on top. Here you will learn how to bring the access roads.

To succeed in the perfect latte

  1. Heat for the first latte milk.
  2. Make sure that the milk is indeed warm, but not boiling.
  3. Froth the milk now with a milk frother on, so that makes up a lot of foam.
  4. Let the milk then rest two minutes to show the top froth "dry" can.
  5. Meanwhile, prepare the espresso.
  6. Now pour the hot milk along with milk foam in a preheated tall glass.
  7. Of course you can also use a cup.
  8. Then the coffee is poured thereto, by sliding a spoon in the warm milk and let the coffee flow into the milk at the edge of the spoon gently.
  9. Please do this carefully and slowly, so that coffee and milk do not mix.

The latte was now ready to serve and enjoy, but especially Italian he looks natural until you try the latte macchiato variant and place on top of the milk foam an incision. Here you can read how you can do that.

And as you decorate the milk froth up

  1. In tableware shops or even in coffee shops there to buy just for latte or latte macchiato scattered templates that are provided with different motives.
  2. You can also even make a template by (preferably a pair of nail scissors) cut from a piece of cardboard with a small pair of scissors a beautiful symbol.
  3. This symbol sprinkle cocoa powder then to the milk foam on top.
  4. The milk of latte you can sprinkle the top with coffee powder. You do this with either real ground coffee or soluble coffee.
  5. A nice variation on the decoration of milk in the latte above is also chocolate sauce. Given prepare a tablespoon of cocoa powder and half a teaspoon of water a thick sauce, which you draw carefully a spiral shape on top of the milk.
  6. Very nice looks a circle, which is as far as possible put on glass edge, are then pulled from the starting with a toothpick beams toward the center.

Apart from these classic versions of Caffè Latte or the latte macchiato, you can sprinkle with colored sprinkles or chocolate flakes milk foam on top. Rough planed dark chocolate not only looks pretty, but also tastes delicious. And of course, taste the perfect latte with beautiful milk foam on top, the classic small Italian cookies, Amarettini called that can be bought in almost any supermarket.

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