calculate a difference in percent - how it works in the tax return

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calculate a difference in percent - how it works in the tax return

Percentage calculation can be quite easy.

Already at school you will be tormented as students with percentage calculations. How you can do with a simple rule of three, refer to the following instructions.

Convert percent simply explained

For the three-set you have several options of approach; what matters is that you only have one unknown. If multiple variables exist, the object is not equal to a superior.

  • Use the following scenarios of the three-pronged approach will be shown in more detail. You get a month € 1,200 salary and having to work for 30 days. Furthermore, you know that you are on day 12 € deserve and want to calculate what percentage this represents.
  • Now you have the ability to calculate the percentage.
    100% = 1200 €
    x% = 12 €
    Now you need to multiply the two given numbers crosswise and then divide by the third component.
  • This means (12 * 100) / 1200 = 1. This result indicates that 12 € a day account for 1 percent of the total amount. Now you have determined the solution by means of a simple three-sentence.

can calculate a difference

  • If you want a difference, for example, for your tax return calculate, you have the possibility to determine it also with the rule of three. is to be calculated on the basis the following example, what is the difference between two amounts of tax returns in percent. You have refunded € 300 income tax in 2011 and in 2012 to 350 €.
  • Now you must set the following approach:
    € 300 = 100%
    € 50 = x%
    Now apply again to the above already discussed rule of three or characterized in a score of 16.67%. This means you get refunded in 2012 about 16% more in taxes.
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