calculate costs for a ticket right - how it works

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calculate costs for a ticket right - how it works

Calculate the cost of the ticket.

These are the costs for various pilot licenses

There are very different tickets, which are commonly called pilot license that goes beyond the ticket for Microlight through to jet pilots.

  • The cost of the ticket of an ultralight flier consist of theoretical training incl. Communications 500 €, training package for practice (with insurance) also about 500 € and the cost of flight hours from € 120 per hour. You should expect at least 30 hours of flight time. So these are together € 3,700. Add to this the cost of airman medical certificate (50 €), examination fee (theory (140, - €) / Practice (150, - €)), walkie certificate (BTS II) (250, - €), management fee (100, - € ), examination fee-BIF II (90, -. €) and the pyrotechnics course (including checking) (60, - €). For these items you must again about 850 € reckon. The ticket for Ultralight will cost as least 4,500 €. Check with various flight schools, because the costs can be very different. The cost of examination fees and management fees can change quickly.
  • The PPL-A, so a ticket for small planes already costs significantly more. Convert again with costs of testing and certification of about 850 €, a flat rate for the theoretical training of approximately 1,000 € and with at least 45 hours of flight time, which will cost about 220 € / hour. Overall, this ticket costs ie around 12,000 €.
  • If you wish to purchase nor the authorization for instrument flight (IR) in addition, have more flight hours required (approximately 55 hours, which cost 13,000 €) and theoretical training, which costs about 2,500 €. Along with administrative charges of € 300 you need it again quoted cost of € 16,000. For € 28,000 you can thus display or fly multi-engine small aircraft in instrument flight.
  • If you have the PPL-A and IR, you can be trained commercial pilot for a further 13,000 € and 40,000 € for commercial pilots.

To calculate the ticket

  1. Attend first to the basic requirements, such as aeromedical medical certificate and permission from the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This will cost about 100 €. Without these conditions makes further training no sense.
  2. Arrange with a flight school for a trial in order to assess the likely necessary flying hours with the instructor. How many hours will you need to ticket, no one can say it's like with the driving license for the car you.
  3. Ask for the current fees and rates for exams and fees. These are costs that also apply if you would not need one hour flight.
  4. The total cost of the ticket consist of the price per flight hour times the number of hours together, plus the fixed costs.
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