calculate diagonal - Here's how the rectangle

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calculate diagonal - Here's how the rectangle

Picture frame, for example, are rectangles. How to calculate the diagonal.

What is a square?

  • A rectangle must meet these requirements: A rectangle is a quadrilateral. When rectangle the opposite sides are equal and parallel. The rectangle has 4 right angles.
  • To Evaluate the length of the diagonal you need the information, how long the sides are. Best customize before Evaluate a sketch on a piece of paper.

So the Evaluate the diagonal folds in square

  • Since the rectangle of two equal sides that are parallel to each other, there is and can be found in this square four right angles, it is quite easy to calculate the diagonal.
  • One imagines, dividing the rectangle along the diagonal into two triangles. These triangles are perpendicular and thus their sides can easily = c2 (in words: a squared plus b squared is equal to c squared) with the formula a2 + b2 are calculated.
  • Since the diagonal of the rectangle opposite the right angle is in the triangle, this is the hypotenuse of the right triangle, than c.
  • So you take now the lengths of the two sides of the rectangle, height and width to the square, this added up and then get to the square of the hypotenuse or diagonal. Taking the square root of this sum, you get the length of the diagonal of the rectangle.
  • Sample calculation for calculating this size: height of the rectangle (a) = 3, width of the rectangle (b) = 4. statement:
    a2 + b2 = c2 + 3hoch2 4hoch2 = choch2, 9 + 16 = 25 The square root of 25 = 5. The result of this example is that the size of the rectangle is 5.
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