Calculate labor costs - so it'll work

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Calculate labor costs - so it'll work

The non-wage costs, you can easily calculate yourself.

Wage costs to calculate - what criteria should be considered?

  • Every employer should be able to calculate wage costs, even if the wages are collected and processed by an accountant. Can you also calculate the wage costs, you have a better overview of the payroll accounts of your employees.
  • Every employee is obliged to social security contributions (health, pension, unemployment and care) dissipate. These contributions are deducted from the gross salary and depend on its height. They are summarized under the term "labor costs".
  • The employer pays a mandatory contribution to health, pension and unemployment insurance.
  • However, other payments such as holiday pay, a 13th monthly salary or the allowance for capital accumulation benefits can from the perspective of the employer are considered as non-wage costs and are then treated as such.
  • The basis of calculation is basically the gross wages, the recommended calculation period should be the calendar month. The calculation may also separate criteria must be included. Examples: Are contributions to the statutory or private health insurance paid, are pensions or benefits in kind and other special payments were made?

Example of computing the amount of the cost

Valid from January 2011 contribution rates for social security contributions are as follows:

  • For the health of the general and uniform contribution rate applies in the amount of 15.5% (14.9% reduced). It is composed of the regular health insurance contribution (14.9%) and the additional contribution (0.9%). The contribution rate in the long term care insurance is 1.95%, in the pension and 19.9% ​​in unemployment 3%.
  • The following example illustrates shortly calculating the wage costs: Starting from a gross monthly salary of 2,600.00 euros an unmarried worker with tax class which is public health insurance, covered a total of 1049.10 euros wage costs at.
  • This includes both the employee's and employer's shares. When an employee receives once separate benefits such as benefits in kind, the value of this remuneration has to be added to the gross wages.
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