calculate living space with a sloping ceiling properly

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calculate living space with a sloping ceiling properly

Roof slopes give rise to disputes.

To calculate the area of ​​a pitched roof

There are always straight with sloping ceilings rent disputes, if this were evidently counted fully for living space. In this case, it only helps to know the legal rules and remeasure the living space according to precisely and calculate. A tape measure is absolutely necessary in this case.

  • The legislator distinguishes the level of the corresponding roof pitches in the calculation of living space. This is also understandable, because at lower heights, you can droop of course not allowed to so much as if it has, for example, headroom.
  • It will give you so willy-nilly remain no other choice than the pitched roof, for which you want to determine the space, measure from the top and bottom.
  • If the attic has a height of more than 2 meters, the area underneath is also fully credited. In this case, measure the length and width of the base of (in meters) and calculate the floor space by Multiplication of the two dimensions (living space then in m²).
  • At a height 1-2 meters living space is counted only half (50%). Again, of course, must measure the length and width and multiply the two measurements. However, you may the result only half credited to the living space.
  • Pitched roof, which have a height less than 1 meter are not counted towards the living space, even if you can still bring good there under shelves or other storage facilities.

It will therefore have no choice, as the pitched roof space (laboriously), but split exactly in the accurate identification.

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