Calculate the "average power" during acceleration - how it works

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Calculate the "average power" during acceleration - how it works

Calculate the average force. Torsten Born / Pixelio

Force and acceleration - the context

  1. When a body accelerates, this motion change always has a cause, namely, a force that causes this.
  2. It is a very simple relationship, so to speak, the fundamental equation of mechanics, which already goes back to Newton: force = mass times acceleration.
  3. In the formulas: F = mxa; where F is the force acting in Newton (N), m is the mass (colloquially: the weight) of the body in kilograms (kg) and a is the acceleration given in meters per second squared (m / s).
  4. So you know the acceleration a, issued a body of mass m, so you can force acting during this acceleration process power (more precisely "middle power" - this could indeed vary slightly) calculate.
  5. Note: The power unit Newton based by definition in fact to an acceleration process (and this Basic Law). It acts namely exactly a force F = 1 N, when a body of mass m 1 kg an acceleration of a = 1 m / s undergoes (or better understood: in 1 second from rest to a speed of 1 m / s is accelerated).

The average force - a by gerechnetes Example

  1. Suppose you had a car of mass m = 800 kg accelerates from zero to one hundred. What average force has acted in the process when he endured 15 seconds?
  2. Acceleration from zero to hundred is obviously a more casual expression of the fact that the car v = 0 to a velocity v = 100 km / h has been accelerated from a speed.
  3. First, you need the final velocity v = 100 km / h = 27,78 m / s convert (Reminder: 3,6).
  4. When acceleration to calculate a = v / t = 27.78 m / s / 15 s = 1.852 m / s
  5. The mean force acting calculate F = mxa = 800 kg × 1.852 m / s = 1482 N (rounded).
  6. Note: It is at such tasks always low, convert all sizes in the basic units (ie km / h in m / s, g in kg, h s, etc.), then you need when calculating the force no further thought to the make correct units. It automatically comes out Newton.
  7. This applies to all physical formulas, if you are always blowing in the basic units, the basic units are coming out again.
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