Calculate the cost of readjustment - wage labor costs for employers Calculator

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Calculate the cost of readjustment - wage labor costs for employers Calculator

What are the wage costs? Thomas_Siepmann / Pixelio

Some social security contributions are divided between employer and employee. Here, then, paid not only the employee contributions from gross wages, but also the company in which he is employed, must bear a part of these non-wage costs.

These wage costs borne by the employer

  • The pension contributions are divided equally between between the company and workers. The respective costs account for the largest share of social contributions.
  • This also applies to the unemployment insurance contributions and insurance. In health insurance, however, the employer pays a little over the respective employees. The exact amount is here depending on the exact insurance rate of the relevant insurance company. This division is to avoid an excessive burden of employees, but also ensure that companies do not have to pay excessive fees to hire new employees.
  • With wage costs calculator can then be determined which actual costs will result in an individual case for employers. Because the individual social security are each percentages of gross wages and therefore vary with the level of remuneration.

use a non-wage costs calculator

  1. Call the wage costs calculator and enter the appropriate information about this position. A crucial factor is the gross wage, because this is the basis of calculation of social security contributions. Also important is the income tax bracket the employee, you can either check or experienced by the electronic employment tax statement or tax card.
  2. Whether the employee is a member of a church, though must be specified in the computer, but it has for you as an employer will not affect your spending. Likewise must the State, and the age and the marital status of the employee be given.
  3. If an employee is at least 23 years old and has no children, then this results in a slight increase in contributions for nursing care.
  4. Enter the wage cost calculator as if the employee is legally pension and health insurance.
  5. With "Calculate" you will get the result and see listed in detail, what the associated cost for you as an employer with the pure wage beyond.
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