Calculate the fat burning pulse - Here's personalization

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Calculate the fat burning pulse - Here's personalization

Determine your optimal pulse.

In order to effectively train and stimulate fat loss, you should work out in the so-called fat burning pulse. Of course, there are different views whether it is no such pulse or and also about how effective this training pulse.

Calculate the maximum heart rate

  • In order to calculate the fat burning pulse at all, you need to determine your maximum heart rate first.
  • This is calculated using the formula 220 minus your age.
  • So you're 30 years old, corresponds to your maximum heart rate is 190 beats per minute.

To determine your fat burning pulse

  • The optimal heart rate for fat burning is a training pulse of 60% to 70% of maximum heart rate. So in the values ​​that can be calculated from this formula: between maximum heart rate x 0.60 x 0.70 and maximum heart rate is your optimal fat burning pulse.
  • Their values ​​are calculated then as follows: 190 x 0.60 = 114 and 190 x 0.70 = 133rd
  • Thus, your pulse range 114-133 beats is the minute.
  • Now you need to determine this pulse during training yet.
  • For this is a heart rate monitor is most suitable, because you do not have to stop to take your pulse.
  • If you do not have heart rate monitor, hold while running to by any distance and measure your pulse for 20 seconds. These then multiply by 3 and get the heart rate per minute.
  • Now you can adjust your speed your pulse.

To achieve optimum results, it is also necessary that you do not include the calories burned again by additional food. Only with a negative calorie balance, you can achieve a weight loss.

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