Calculation of parents Maintenance - Find out about the requirements

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Calculation of parents Maintenance - Find out about the requirements

The parents maintenance is a duty of adult children.

General information for parents maintenance

  • The so-called parents Maintenance is the obligation of children to pay financially for your parents and to finance their care. This maintenance may vary high and requires a legal basis to fix the amount.
  • The height can go beyond the so-called deductible. It is nevertheless true that for its retirement always takes precedence and thus is more important than parental maintenance that must be paid. The deductible secures the minimum and helps the payor to earn his livelihood.
  • If there is no money, social support can these maintenance field and provide for a certain time. Once there is an income in the family again, this is used to calculate and then has to be used for making payments to the children. The calculation assumes normally the social fund, based on a request by the family court.
  • The Parents Maintenance refers to the own parents, who are constant care. The social office will bring the money from the children. However, you can fight back and have in addition to the numerous obligations and rights. In most cases, a court must decide, as the individual family cases are so complex that a flat-rate system is not possible.
  • On the legal basis based, maintenance has to be paid if the care allowance for parents is inadequate and must be increased. A right to the assistance shall be made only when the need of the parents and the performance of the children is given.

Parents Maintenance - Tips for calculating and the conditions

  • The calculation by the parents Maintenance refers primarily to the income of fee-paying children. When an individual is always an excess of 1,500 € must remain. So if you have an income of € 1,900, the difference is halved to your deductible and then it creates a payment obligation of € 200.
  • When calculating other aspects play a role. Many conditions your person must be met in order to obtain a payment obligation can. All your expenses and income must be compared and also indicated. If you live at subsistence level, you will also be deducted nothing.
  • It always applies when calculating that the children financially solvent and parents must be in need. In the run has to be clarified how much money is needed each month. If there are more siblings, they are required to notify parents maintenance.
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