Calories from pomegranate - Informative

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Calories from pomegranate - Informative

The calorie pomegranate can be prepared versatile.

General information about the pomegranate

  • The pomegranate is the fruit of the pomegranate tree, which was cultivated as a shrub and can therefore be held in a large planter. Originally the precious fruit from Pakistan.
  • In this country, learned the fruit until proper appreciation by its wealth of bioactive substances, the low calorie and versatile use for the preparation of food.
  • Commercially see a wide range of processed products and preparations of the Pomegranate - such as juices, wines, syrups, oils for the skin, creams and capsules for oral use.
  • You can also bring this fruit some variety in your diet. Why not try the pulp and the juice for the refinement of roast meat or game dishes. Simply delicious! Likewise, the fruit for the preparation of fruit salads and cocktails suitable.

Calories and ingredients of the fruit

  • The pomegranate has few calories: 35 kcal / 100 g, but lots of water and potassium. The carbohydrate content is about 17 g / 100 g. In addition, the interesting fruit contains very little protein and fat, so it is ideal for the slim line or for losing weight.
  • The juice full kernels are sweet-sour and somewhat reminiscent of the taste of red currants.
  • By consuming pomegranates or their juice, you can record health valuable polyphenols, which are among the phytochemicals and contained abundant in the fruit. Polyphenols strengthen the immune defense, anti-inflammatory and can reduce the risk of cancer.
  • In addition, the pomegranate contains important vitamins and minerals, but not protrude their amounts.

Purchase and preparation instructions

  • Buy only ripe pomegranates, as the fruits ripen at home no longer. They recognize a ripe fruit on wide open calyx.
  • The preparation of the fruit may prove a delicate matter because of the coloring juice. Therefore, be careful when pressing and serving of pomegranate. Before you know it, some coloring juice splashes are in bright clothes, which can be difficult to remove.
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