Camel hair blanket wash - Here's how

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Camel hair blanket wash - Here's how

Camel hair has to be due to its natural features rarely cleaned.

Camel hair blankets are like all natural hair blankets stain resistant and rarely need to be washed, therefore, also. The cleaning should only after years of use or if absolutely necessary to carry out, because this natural hair and its natural wool grease is removed. Due to the loss of wool grease the hair to become brittle and lose their elasticity and moisture transfer ability. When cleaning you should make sure that your ceiling is not changing or high temperatures of the wash water and the use of unsuitable detergents is suspended because it slightly felted.

How to wash camel hair blankets

  • Your camel hair blanket you should regularly shake out in dry weather and hang to air.
  • You can suck your ceiling with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner.
  • If your camel hair blanket has small spots and these have not yet dried, you can try it with a damp cloth and remove little shampoo.
  • If your camel hair blanket is very dirty, you should, if you want to clean the ceiling itself, wash at more than 30 ° washing program for wool of your washing machine with a suitable for natural shampoo.
  • If you enter the blanket into a cleaning, you point out that the ceiling should not be cleaned with chemical, but only with natural cleaning agents.
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