Camellia has brown leaves - so you maintain them properly

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Camellia has brown leaves - so you maintain them properly

Camellias have rose-like flowers.

Camellias are sensitive plants

Camellias belong to the genus of Tea Family. They originated in East Asia in countries such as Vietnam, Nepal, China and southern Japan. By contrast, conflicting opinions, a camellia be well cultivated in parts of Europe with mild winters also in the field. It withstands light frost better than drought and sun.

Brown leaves after winter when outdoor plants are usually based on high sun or cool dry winds. Plant diseases and infestation by pests are rare and are usually caused by maintenance errors. Camellias do not like temperatures above 15 degrees, need high humidity and lime-free water. Not true of the factors that plants react often weeks later with leaf shedding.

Care of plants

Camellias need few nutrients. Put the plants either in compost from the garden or potting soil type P (seed compost). This earth is weak fertilized. In addition, also Moorbeeterde for rhododendrons is. The repotting is useful only every second year.

The plants grow best in a slightly acid substrate with a pH of around 5.5. With lime-rich water to bind the acid, the soil is alkaline. If your tap water has a hardness of about ten dH (German degrees of hardness) using rainwater for casting. Case this is not available, you can filter the water or boil it off.

Roar the plants daily with soft water. This increases the humidity and keeps the substrate moist. Uniform moisture is particularly important for healthy camellias.

You may fertilize the plants with each flower fertilizer, a special product is not required. Dilute the middle with two parts of water as recommended by the manufacturer. Fertilization is weekly from leaves emerge until not later than mid-July.

Cut the Camellias only when sick shoots have to be removed or if you will be too large. Each section affects the bloom.

Turn on a bright, sunny place not the plants. Potted plants may after the Ice Saints to early November outdoors. Should your camellia all year in the garden, plant them out between late March and mid-July.

Care of Camellia




light, no sun

Temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees



Potting soil type P (seed compost)

Moorbeeterde (for rhododendrons)

to water

regularly, must not dry out



from leaves emerge until mid-July


best ever


Protect outdoor sun and wind

cool and bright in the house


Seeds, cuttings, Abmoosen, Absenker

Measures against brown leaves

The leaves of Camellia live on average three years. It is normal if your plant throws off a part of the leaves. If less than one third of the foliage is affected and not fall off the flower buds, you need to take any action.

Show the leaves bright spots and pale, suspect chlorosis. Cause is the casting to hard water. Enter acidic compost from leaves or wood or alternatively peat to the soil of camellia. Sour in no case with vinegar or lemon juice. Pour. Immediately with soft water

Brown leaves and buds that feel dry, generally based on waterlogging, eutrophication or sunburn. As mentioned, the error in the care can already date back several weeks. Should the soil be very wet, stuff the camellia into dry earth. Fertilize not in the near future.

Do not cut off the affected branches. Camellias tolerate a bad pruning. Usually the plants after the loss of leaves can rapidly new and recover again.

If you see brown spots in the middle of the leaves or notice a greasy coating on it, there is a fungal infection. This is produced by covering with foil or too dark location. The leaves hang limply and stain brown later.

Cut off the affected drives. Dip the tool after each cut in disinfectant solution (alcohol with 96 percent). Discard the cut in household waste.

Measures brown leaves




Age-related sheet changes

affected less than one third of the plant

Buds do not fall off



bright spots

Leaves are pale

acidify with compost or peat substrate

Pour with water free of lime


brown leaves

no other signs



brown leaves

substrate wet

repot in dry substrate


brown leaves

consider whether fertilizer was overdosed

not fertilize


smeary coat

sagging leaves

Cut off and discard infested shoots

Camellias are a little tricky in the maintenance, but the beauty of the flower is worth the effort. Be especially careful that the root ball not dries out completely.

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