Can I no longer log in - can help

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Can I no longer log in - can help

Comfortable communicating via email Makrodepecher / Pixelio

login correctly in Portal

  • Check to start your log-in data, with which you want to log in If you are uncertain here, so you can easily request a new password.
  • If you have several times entered the password at incorrectly, it can happen that the portal access locks over print. This is due to a safety mechanism that hackers or similar persons to reside.
  • It can also be a wrong created entry in the browser be responsible for ensuring that a log-in is not possible. so take a look at the settings in the browser. Delete here cookies and empty the cache. How this works, learn about the practical help forums the respective (z. B. Mozilla Firefox).
  • Run then restart it to make the changes take effect. Then you can test the login again.

If you can not reach

  • It may happen that you just can not reach because the connection itself is not set up properly. Here, z. B. the firewall have an incorrect security setting, which means that the communication between servers and computers is disrupted. Check their settings.
  • Try to be open parallel other sites to determine if the settings related to the Internet is still correct. Sources of error may also be wrong together connected cables to prevent logging.
  • It is also possible that the portal temporarily has a server error. So try a few hours later call the website and contact alternatively the associated support.
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