Can krankschreiben a psychologist? - Getting acquainted

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Can krankschreiben a psychologist?  - Getting acquainted

Only a doctor can write ill.

What is a psychologist

A psychologist may not krankschreiben.

  • Experts speaking at the psychology of an empirical science. It is the behavior and experience of a people that is described and explained.
  • There are psychologists who work in the private sector and are active among others as speakers and lecturers. They also understand a lot of statistics, because a part of the course is based on mathematical skills.
  • Everyone certainly knows the folk psychology that is used every day by many people. Colloquially, it is nothing more than common sense. However, common sense is not objective enough and therefore does not meet the scientific standards.
  • There are psychologists (now Master of Science) without training in the therapeutic range. These tend to work in the private sector. Then there is the psychotherapist who complete after studying a further three-year course and there is the medical practitioner for psychotherapy, which received State recognition of a health department.

All these professions are not sick leave.

Who can krankschreiben

  • Basically, only a doctor can get sick sign and issue a certificate of disability that needs to be submitted to the employer or the Employment Agency. In Switzerland we call this certificate medical certificate.
  • Sickness certification is nothing more than a confirmation of a doctor or a dentist about a disease which he has previously determined. For this, the doctor must examine the patient. As a psychologist may not investigate, he must not ill write.
  • Are you a psychologist in treatment, he will suggest to visit the psychiatrist. This can determine the basis of studies and targeted questions whether a sick leave is necessary. Also, your family doctor can examine once and sick leave, if you get an appointment with the psychiatrist not so fast.

Only a doctor can determine how long you are incapacitated for work.

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