can perform leak test - how it works

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can perform leak test - how it works

Tightness tests at wastewater plants are verplichtend.

Find out for leak testing

  • First, you should know that was established years ago that sewage systems may be "invisible" built on land as desired. This scheme resulted in the end meant that many owners can perform necessary maintenance and repair work only with the greatest effort and increasing cost today. Yet for those who have installed despite the regulation additional inspection openings and shafts, which saves at the leak test at the end of time and costs. Is for the plant, for example absolutely no manhole is present, must now be put before the test, resulting in substantial additional costs.
  • Remember that among each leak test in addition to the inventory of property drainage systems both a leak test and recording the structural condition of the plant as well as the elaboration of restructuring plans and, consequently, the entire repair of property drainage systems. Only those who complied with all the points, behaves with the rules.
  • must be checked for tightness at first all underground lines, which are in some way with dirty water in conjunction, such as the service line and thus the channel between the plot and the house, but also the base line, and thus the drainage line. The examination of the canal plot connecting cable, is the responsibility of the sewer worker. Nevertheless, be aware that even shafts and openings for cleaning and the sump and must be reviewed like.
  • The adopted Water Act stipulates that all wastewater treatment plants have been reviewed by 31.12.2015 for tightness. If the affected channel system but also commercial or industrial wastewater contains, then they should already have been subjected to 31.12.2004 a leak test and you are already late.
  • Generally, a channel system then is considered tight if an investigation shows with a camera that externally no damage can be seen. Thus, it comes at the test by the physical density but merely an external inspection of the lines.
  • If you have done as a property owner within the deadline, a seal test, legal action against you will be initiated. To get probably first written warning once. Do not respond to this, so follow further consequences, depending on to which it is the drainage system at your. Not only fines can result, just as are compulsory tests conceivable.
  • There you should therefore be clear that you are verplichtet in any case, initiating a leak test as soon as you own the property for the purposes of land. Everyone has to ensure that his property is fine and remains. If you can not raise the necessary money, you should talk to banks about possible financing plans or contact other property owners to create a shopping community.

Cost and bodies responsible for testing the tightness

  • The question of the exact cost of the test turns out to be rather difficult because they depend entirely on the state of the facilities. Generally, however, it is clear always that cost for a single plot are recognized always higher than for the review of several - hence the purchasing groups. in principle for a simple drainage system are an estimated cost of 200 - 300 € for the first test, also to get the camera inspection which again is likely to be as much about.
  • can advise you as property owners first of your community. In addition, this can introduce services company that you can contact for the necessary work - important here is that the companies are approved for leak testing specialist companies.
  • A resulting from the new law idea are "buying groups", by the GrundstĂĽcksbestitzende unite in order to obtain a discount, the seal tests. Here, especially the sanitation operation to provide service, so inquire quiet again, even with the same. Also, engineering offices should be contacted, because they can help in the subsequent rehabilitation and planning professional.

Last should be noted that new buildings are not excluded from the examination. Only if you have already made a leak test before commissioning of the plant and may submit a report, get around the process. Anyway, it is better, often look up again, because cause an epidemic - wants that, probably none.

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