can reimburse child care by health insurance - mother in hospital

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can reimburse child care by health insurance - mother in hospital

apply for assistance at an early stage

Previously, it was easier. In the family there was always someone you could trust with the child care, if you had to do as a mother in the hospital. However, you are not defenseless today. Consult your health insurance.

A mother is only partially replaced

  • You can apply for a home help with your health insurance if you are mother and you have to go for medical treatment in the hospital. This may also be the case if you need to be hospitalized because of a birth.
  • Such domestic help accepts all resulting in the household work and thus your child care at home.

Prerequisites childcare

  • The condition is that your child has not yet completed the twelfth year or is disabled and is dependent due to his disability on physical care or supervision.
  • Neither shall there be in your household no other person who could take over this child care. These older children come into consideration. This need not to be an adult. However, children do not have to start your back to school or vocational training therefore. It must also not be granted leave your working spouse. Professional Life proceed.
  • Note that your health insurance has been completed in all probability a framework agreement with a nursing facility, where staff take over the childcare. If not this way, the cost of a hired domestic help by yourself you will be replaced.

not make the request only in hospital

  • Discuss the situation necessarily advance before you hire someone. Include a medical certificate, which contains information on the expected duration of the necessary measures.
  • Note that you health insurance for child care grants no reimbursement if you hire a relative to the second degree. These are mainly parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and siblings.
  • At least you can refund the necessary travel expenses and loss of earnings, the health insurance for these individuals, provided that such distinction is reasonable in relation to the otherwise incurred for a replacement power costs.
  • Consult with your health insurance company, what services you can offer concrete.
  • If your application for childcare rejected, you can appeal to the local youth welfare office and apply for outpatient care family.
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