Can you drink urine? - The self-urine therapy explains professionally

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Can you drink urine?  - The self-urine therapy explains professionally

Urine is of great importance - for example at pregnancy test. TiM_Caspary / Pixelio

Urine can drink in naturopathy

  • The own urine therapy is not relevant to the research. This is because the experts would prefer to prescribe the synthetic urea. Many known is certainly the name Urea. In the active substance about three percent are included urine, and acts similar to the own urine. This urine comes from pregnant mares because they produce much estrogen, and helps for example against menopausal symptoms.
  • The effect of self-urine is still recognized and proven in any way. Therefore, the question arises not only for doctors but also for patients, whether you can drink urine.
  • Naturopath usually give nothing on scientific studies and use their own urine for therapeutic purposes.

Own urine - possible effects and applications

  • Own urine is a well-tried remedy in medicine. This therapy is known throughout the world. Thus the urine for allergies, chronic diseases or skin diseases will be applied.
  • Over 2,000 ingredients, the human urine. These include: amino acids, hormones, vitamins, immunoglobulin, enzymes and salts, urea.
  • Many of these materials are known in their effect. Some people who have used the self-urine therapy, have had a positive experience. It was about inflammation, asthma, hay fever or eczema. but own urine should also help with migraine, insomnia or depression.
  • It means safe for many people a great effort to drink their own urine. Nausea is already very large. In naturopathy there are, therefore, as an alternative to urine syringe. but you should only by a doctor or medical practitioner to be injected because urine germs quickly. However, the syringe also works more quickly than, for example, drinking.
  • Thus, the beginning of a therapy is not so difficult, you can see the self-therapy once applied in small steps. The urine is not drunk, but once spotted on minor wounds or warts.

Apply the therapy professionally at

  • Before starting the self-urine therapy, you should get it checked by your doctor beforehand. Even if he does not think much of this therapy, he can enlighten you and give you helpful hints necessary. This is important for people with terminal illnesses such as cancer or chronic diseases. Then you can perform even the self-urine therapy. You should, however, be clear about what you drink. Under Disgust is certainly not a success to be recorded.

How to proceed in the Ayurvedic tincture example rheumatism, strengthen the immune system and allergies before:

  • The morning midstream your urine is important. If you want to use your own glass, you may also like to take a paper cup.
  • Drink the urine on an empty stomach. Do not add a shot of apple cider vinegar. Perhaps he will slide better. So go every morning for a period of about four months ago.
  • Basically, this therapy is also in Crohn's disease known or even in cancers.
  • Talk beforehand but to your doctor about it.

Another possibility is the urinary water fasting for intestinal cleansing:

  • Drink over a period of about four weeks your own urine (the midstream from morning urine).
  • In addition, every two to three days enemas with the mixture of mineral water and urine. The utensils for this you get at the pharmacy. They will eat anything in this therapy four weeks.
  • Again, you should talk with your doctor in advance if you can drink the urine. Also important is that it gives you the OK for fasting.
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