Can you iron the paper? - That should note the

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Can you iron the paper?  - That should note the

Even with the old iron newspapers could be smoothed. Siegfried_Fries / Pixelio

Why iron newspapers?

  • The pressing of newspapers is a custom which is still kept partly in particularly high-earning, British households. With the heat of the iron, the printing ink is better fixed to the paper and the readers of the newspaper does not get their hands dirty.
  • The straps can also flatten the paper. The gentle sun wrinkles in the middle of the paper sheets can thus be completely removed.
  • Correct wrinkles that were dragged into the paper, but can not be removed with the iron. Here the fibers were damaged, which can no longer be undone.

So you can even iron paper and newspapers correctly

  • Put the iron on a low heat, if it is not the paper is brown. Too cold, it should also not be, because the effect else fails. Silk is a recommended setting.
  • Place the paper on a firm surface. When the iron is liable to sink, iron more wrinkles in the paper than out into it.
  • Do not let the iron rest at a location of the paper, as you may experience burned bodies.
  • If you use the iron for your white laundry, always hang a sheet of kitchen paper while ironing the newspaper. Then you do not transfer the printing ink onto the iron.
  • If you want to iron out wrinkles in the correct paper as much as possible, you can also use a little steam. If the paper is wet, wrinkles can be removed better. But be careful with steam. Damp paper is very unstable and can break at the slightest touch. Leave paper first again to dry completely before you take it from the board. Dodge also not complete one, because it is wavy paper otherwise.
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