can zoom ring - how it works

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can zoom ring - how it works

A Ringergrößerung should conduct a pro.

Why you want to be bigger a ring may have several reasons. Often it is due to an increase in weight, which also hands and fingers may be affected, but also various diseases lead to water retention and swell the finger. But no matter what reasons you choose a ring enlargement, you should as always a professional, so a jeweler or goldsmith, let the jewelery and not try it yourself with any equipment or tools.

can enlarge a ring

  • Whether you live in a large or small city, a jeweler or goldsmith is found almost everywhere. There are several in your town, so it is very worthwhile to compare prices. An annular enlargement ultimately costs money.
  • Is your ring from high quality materials, so an increase is usually not a big deal. Does your jewel however edged ornaments or gems, so the work is more complex and therefore usually more expensive.
  • In costume jewelry, an increase be problematic because material is not high, can quickly break.
  • Does your ring to be increased only by a few millimeters, so the workload is not as high. With considerable magnifications usually a new piece of metal has to be used. Here, however, carried many more steps to achieve a perfect result.

If you want to enlarge your ring, so check with your jeweler / goldsmith always walk off, what does it cost and what exactly will be done. Also ask how it goes, if a piece of jewelry is damaged or the ring breaks at increase.

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