Candidates round - so you are preparing

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Candidates round - so you are preparing

Prepare yourself for testing.

to pass a candidate round, is no picnic. Often you need to make this more knowledge tests, practical exercises, group work and discussions with a selection committee. Then you should be well prepared.

Tests in the candidate round

  • Usually you can see from the invitation to the candidates round, whether and which tests you must place on the days of setting examination. Do not take these tests lightly.
  • Find out in advance with the company on issues of past applicants rounds and get yourself relevant literature to prepare.
  • Even on practical tests, you can prepare yourself by making appropriate exercises. Usually located on vocational practical tests more weight than on knowledge tests.

Interview situation and group work

  • Must run in the candidate round a group work or discussion with your competitors, you should get involved in any case. Do not be intimidated by the competition.
  • It does not matter, to make others down, but in view of the object, introduce meaningful aspects and argue factually against inappropriate ideas. Often this your logical thinking, your ability to reason and your dealings with others will be tested. Then you can prepare, by triggering controversy among friends.
  • In the interview situation with the selection committee will be felt as a rule on the tooth. You have to expect that you get asked awkward and impudent questions. In a candidate round you must show that you are confident and not to be thrown off track.
  • Show your application to prepare a friend and ask them to provide you, the basis of documentation, critical questions. Now try to respond to the questions. Lift it but your view of things out. On very personal questions, you do not explicitly respond. You hereby try to find a differentiated, generalized response.
  • In brazen questions you can charming but witted reply. Here, too, you do not have to go further into the question.
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