Car key copy made at VW - What You Should Consider this

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Car key copy made at VW - What You Should Consider this

to convert into a key for your VW, can be expensive.

Where you can convert into a car key

to convert into a car key for VW, can be an expensive business if you just go unprepared into the next workshop. First, you should check carefully to paying more than necessary when you want to convert into your car keys.

  • Basically, it is so that the imitation of car keys only to authorized repairers is allowed. Keymaker can in principle even imitate car keys, but may not. When a locksmith so offers you imitate your key, be careful.
  • Although locksmith can offer a key starting at EUR 35, but keep in mind that there are black sheep that could possibly drift with the copy of your car key nonsense.
  • Before going to an approved dealer to convert into your car keys for your VW, you should apply directly to VW and there check the recommended price for a spare key. This is a good guide for you, because the workshops are required to comply with the recommended price for the new car keys. You can confirm dubious offers immediately.

get a new key for VW

  1. Ask for the recommended price of spare keys with Volkswagen. The VW hotline is open from 8 h to 22 h free 0800/8655792436 reachable.
  2. Let VW a list of approved dealers and workshops give in your area.
  3. Please ask in advance by phone at said dealers and repairers prices for the imitation of the key.
  4. Note the quoted prices and choose the best provider.
  5. to convert into the key with a qualified dealer, is relatively expensive as a rule. The price depends on the car model. In general, the price is between EUR 100 and EUR 200. However, the quality of the key is most convincing.
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