Car seat cleaning - so you get all the stains out

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Car seat cleaning - so you get all the stains out

A regular car seat cleaning keeps this long beautiful.

A car seat cleaning must be carried out from time to time

  • In the stitching of car seats over time accumulate dust, sand and other debris. This must be extracted thoroughly, so that the dirt is not rubbed during the subsequent cleaning on the substance. By pulling apart the seams piece by piece and work your way in this way bring the vacuum cleaner over the entire seat.
  • The cleaning of fabric-covered seats can be done with a steam cleaner. Hot steam will soften the marks, this can then be removed with a cloth from the seat.
  • A more thorough type of car seat cleaning is shampooing. Imagine a soft soap location or liquor from a mild detergent and water forth.
  • Take a soft sponge, immerse it in the solution and press the sponge a few times until a lather forms. This foam rub the car seat from a circular motion, piece by piece. Each purified piece should be immediately wiped with a soft cloth and dried. Stains can usually be removed by intensive foaming. If this does not work, they should use a special stain removers.
  • Car seats leather must be cleaned very carefully and gently. It is advisable to use a very mild soap or better still a special leather cleaner according to instructions.
  • After the car seat cleaning should apply a leather care lotion and leave for good. To keep the leather supple.
  • After cleaning, the car should be well ventilated. Moisture dries faster and evaporate smells of cleaning agents.
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