Carbon cycle - Declaration

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Carbon cycle - Declaration

Plants play an important role in the carbon cycle. Marianne_J. / Pixelio

learn the carbon cycle related to photosynthesis

  • The carbon cycle is the exist of organisms of great importance. Note that, however, other materials such as water, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and trace elements are essential to life.
  • Remember that living things only a thin layer of soil inhabiting on or near the surface, so you only a small amount of substances is available.
  • It is easy for you to understand by this statement that the elements and compounds which are taken up by plants and animals from the soil and from the atmosphere, may not disappear because there would be no life in these circumstances. The various circuits they are returned to the inanimate environment.
  • Note that the carbon cycle only carbon dioxide and the products of photosynthesis are involved. Plants absorb during photosynthesis from the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, so that the carbon is in the plant tissue, for example, in the leaves, bound.
  • Remember in the explanation of the carbon cycle, that is a little carbon dioxide is returned during cellular respiration of plants to the atmosphere, thereby releasing energy by break down the sugars produced by photosynthesis into carbon dioxide and water.
  • If animals, for example, your rabbits eat plants, the carbon contained in the plant goes into the animal tissue.
  • It is important for you to know that the death of animals and plants the remains of bacteria and fungi are decomposed in the soil. These decomposers give then by their breathing the carbon as carbon dioxide in the soil and the atmosphere back. The carbon cycle is thus closed.

Statements or other nutrient cycles in connection with CO 2

  • As you already know from the declaration of the carbon cycle, after nitrogen the oxygen is the second most abundant element in the atmosphere. He recovered both the carbon cycle and through the water cycle.
  • Note, so plants can take up the element in the explanation that nitrogen must be converted by ammonia and nitrites into nitrates first. In this process, bacteria and algae are involved, mainly living in the soil. Nitrogen can also convert by lightning in nitric acid, which penetrates with the rain into the ground.
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