Care planning tracheostomy - this you should consider

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Care planning tracheostomy - this you should consider

Creating a care plan with a tracheostomy is a comprehensive work.

What is a tracheostomy

  • A Trachostoma is an opening in the windpipe (trachea), which is applied operatively. Here, the opening is placed to the outside, so that the air is not inhaled through the mouth and nose.
  • With a tracheostomy, there are differences. These relate to the retention of the tracheostomy. Based on the residence time of this opening is placed.
  • When the tracheostoma is applied for a short duration, for example in an emergency situation, it is placed above the thyroid.
  • In a long-term investment, it is placed below the thyroid.

What you should consider when planning care

  • The creation of a care planning usually occurs after surgery. but you should already speak in advance with the parties concerned on the time after the operation.
  • It is an intervention that changes much. The person will lose his voice and therefore there will be communication difficulties. Try to make out before the operation with the concerned communication possibilities.
  • Here, writing and symbol panels should be purchased and you can try to arrange certain knocking and finger gestures as a communication tool. These should be documented so that everyone understands it.
  • A tracheostomy will affect many care plans. Care plans are often written by the AEDL, these are activities and experiences of everyday life in 13 groups divided.
  • A tracheostomy will affect many AEDL and should therefore be drawn up wherever problems arise.
  • When communicating, problems as described above occur. These should be drawn up in writing.
  • The communication will also affect the point security. The concerned person will feel more secure if it is understood and feels understood.
  • Dealing with the tracheostomy must necessarily be discussed and drawn up in writing with the doctor.
  • An important goal is that the person gets a feeling of security and the handling of the tracheostomy learns.
  • On physical care is important to note that no water enters the cannula.
  • Male patients should shave wet, so no stubble entering the cannula.
  • Also and undress extreme caution. Clothing should be touched gently on the cannula and not this collapse.
  • Breathing plays a major role in planning. Note the pneumonia prophylaxis and schedule regular vacuuming.
  • Also, the liquid holding the respiratory secretions must be planned with specific measures. For example, you can schedule the humidifying air.
  • Make sure that the environment is safe, even for an emergency all utensils must be readily available in the vicinity. An exchange cannula, a suction device and hemostatic agents should be stored in the room of the person concerned.
  • Try installing the relatives and other social contacts in the care planning. Clarify this, so that these are safer in dealing with the parties concerned.
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